Organic Clothing to Feel Good About

Clothing time again! As the holidays approach and we start digging deeper and deeper into our stash of scarves, gloves and warm socks, I thought it would be a good time to write an update about organic and eco-friendly clothing. My previous posts on this topic are one way people tend to find the blog, so it is nice to know people are googling “Organic clothing” and finding us! If the brands I recommend here seem too expensive, check out my post on affording the good stuff.

And if you’re confused about why you’d need organic clothes since you’re not planning to eat them, read this. The short answer is that you’ll be doing much more to reduce suffering from cancer if you support organic cotton production than if you participate in a walk-a-thon for cancer treatment research. We’ve got to attack the problem of our toxic environment at its root.

PACT: Fair Trade, Organic Basics for Adults

I’ve been a big fan of Pact for years – their clothes are so comfy, durable and practical, just the way I like them. But they’re stylish, too! I’ve watched this company grow from one that mostly made socks to now helping us “go organic from hood to toe.” This year, they have super cute gift sets of holiday socks for boys and girls, men and women. The Family Crew Sock Gift Box Bundle – a box of each – is only $30 today! Made with 75% organic cotton.

holiday kids' socksThe exciting news is the new organic sweatshirt, which we love! It’s so soft and much thicker and warmer than the ones you get at the mall. Pact is expanding fast, with their new product bedsheets, coming soon! We’ve tried the T-shirts, boxers, socks, tights, and keep coming back. I did order a dress once that didn’t turn out to be a good fit, but I just sent it back – no big deal.

Pact clothes very much live up to their “super soft” claim, and we have found them to be well made and durable. The tights are especially nice in winter.

Maggie’s: Made in the USA

I recently impulse-bought a pair of really cute bee-patterned organic socks at my local co-op. I put them on right away at home, and WOW. These are the real deal. I don’t know how to describe it – they just feel like real socks, not some ill-fitting sock-shaped object. Something about a more articulated heel, probably.

Anyway, the brand, Maggie’s Organics, writes that “Assisting the financial needs of our knitters and keeping production jobs in the USA is what we call real fair trade.” 

Maggie’s had been working directly with Nicaraguan farmers and a worker-owned spinning co-operative for over 7 years. But now unpredictable weather due to climate change has thrown a wrench in that part of their supply chain — scary! For now, they have found other GOTS (certified organic) cotton and are still knitting their products in the USA.

A great gift for the beekeeper, flower gardener or honey lover in your life, the Bee Keeper socks come in three colors and 20% of the price goes to bee conservation programs.

Polarn O. Pyret

If you want some old-school, durable, cozy striped winter clothing, check out Polarn O. Pyret. It has been a Swedish children’s clothing brand (with some adult items) since 1976 and has been in the US for about 5 years. Like other quality brands, it can be on the higher end for price, but we received some as hand-me-downs and can confirm that the clothes really do last through several kids at least, and they are super cute!

PO.P not only uses organic cotton and recycled fibers in some of its clothing — it is doing more to help people recycled used clothing and buy less in the first place by focusing on quality and durability.

Let’s reduce our consumption of regular, polluting cotton as much as possible. We can try organic brands, give away what we are no longer wearing, and take careful care of our clothes by washing gently and line drying. May your socks spark joy when you put them on tomorrow!

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