Toilet Paper from Recycled Paper, not Trees: Let’s Do This!

Does your toilet paper come from Canada’s boreal forests? The National Resources Defense Council is petitioning the makers of Charmin to stop destroying the best carbon-reduction strategy we have: preserving forests. And lucky for us, we have an easy way to reduce our own carbon footprint, starting TODAY: buy TP made from recycled paper, not from trees!  As I’ve mentioned […] Read more

A New Year, A New Chance to Fight Climate Change

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m feeling pretty eco-unfriendly after flying across the Atlantic for a 10-day holiday visit. But that’s what I get for not living near my immediate family. Eco-tip: don’t leave your hometown! (Seriously. Don’t move to a new faraway city just for fun. And if you still have a “bucket list,” this is the time to shred it.) […] Read more

A World Without Sir David MacKay

The world lost a genius that it really needed this month, Sir David MacKay of Cambridge University. MacKay was a guru of statistics and information theory and had in the last decade brought his laser-like data analysis skills to the problem of peak energy and climate change. After the publication of his book Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air, which he made […] Read more