Etsy is Awesome! See Their Living Building in Brooklyn

I’m a fan of Etsy ( for so many reasons. Here’s the latest one, and a review of all the others, too! Reason #1: Etsy has built a Living Building in Brooklyn! I had the pleasure of touring the Bullitt Center in Seattle a couple of years ago with a group of Japanese students. It claims to be the greenest office building […] Read more

It’s All Connected: Public Schools, Clean Air, Car Culture

Dannah Wilson’s parents drive 165 miles per week trying to get their kids to quality public schools. The City of London issues air quality alerts for people with asthma and urges people to avoid driving. Kindergarten registration and choice is now underway here in Seattle, so I’m having lots of conversations with friends about how they’re choosing schools. And in […] Read more

Ready for Action? 5 Ways to Fight Hate

Well, politics is unavoidable today. The rhetoric of hate appears to have won, and many Americans are going through various stages of shock and grief. Some are considering difficult questions of how to keep their families safe or protect their LGBTQ civil rights. Environmentalists are hugging their trees tighter than ever as they cry (sorry, but humor is important, right?). […] Read more